About Us

Who We Are

The ezofficetech team consist of a group of developers who are working on creating apps for small, medium and now even large businesses, that can be easily modified to suit your needs. We've been building web based apps for small businesses longer than just about anyone else. Our "ezInvoice" app was the very first web based invoicing app in the world when we released it in 2002 and we've been improving it since. The latest version of ezInvoice is the most modern and feature rich web app for businesses ever made. That's not bragging, that's the result of hard work.

Why We Are Working On This

The short answer is we enjoy bringing the productivity and efficiency gains that great software can offer to small and medium size businesses all over the world. We are creating software that is affordable for almost any business that runs on almost any device almost anywhere almost all the time. That's a pretty cool project to be working on.

Our Goals

  • Build a core set of feature rich applications that every business needs
  • Keep them simple and easy to use and for developers to modify.
  • Use only open-source software.
  • Provide a complete and secure platform to deploy these apps at a very affordable price.

The applications, frameworks, and code libraries we used are well known standards for their purpose. The main factors behind our choices are security, reliability, well documented APIs, good example code, and broad support. With these tools we've spent the past year building a brand new suite of state of the art web apps. We'll continue to improve these apps and create additional apps that work with them.

Who We Think Might Want This

We've been providing businesses an amazing value in software for more than 15 years now. All new for 2017 is our latest version of ezInvoice. This is a state of the art suite of web based applications that use a powerful database designed just for handling documents like invoices and contacts records and processing massive amounts of data very quickly.

If you're a Web Developer you can offer your clients a fully featured suite of business tools that can be tailored specifically to their needs. Odds are you're familiar with most of what we've used so there's not much learning curve for modifying our apps and building others that interact with them. If you know Javascript and HTML/CSS you're ready to jump right in and start making changes.

If you're a Business owner you can use these apps right out of the box on all of your computers. There is no per seat license to deal with or pay extra for. If you want them modified you can hire us or easily find a developer that can work with our code.


Contact us and we'll get back to you within 24 hours.

208 Mead Rd. Kirbyville MO, US

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