Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is there a limit on how many invoices I can make or Contacts I can store?

Answer: No. You can create and store as many invoices and Contacts and other documents as you want as well.

Question: How many computers can I use the ezInvoice app on?

Answer: You can use it on as many computers and mobile devices as you want.

Question: How do I get Back-up copies of all the invoices I've made?

Answer: With ezInvoice 6 you already have backups. All your data is now stored in the web browsers you use to access your ezInvoice account and "In the Cloud" on the ezInvoice app server.

You can also send yourself a copy of your invoices to the email address you provide in your Preferences screen.

And we also make weekly backups of all your data and keep and save the 4 most recent backups.

Question: How do I subtract an item or dollar amount on an invoice?

Answer: To subtract a dollar amount from an invoice just enter a "-" minus sign before the amount in the "Unit Price" text box.

Question: Can I use my own logo art work on my invoice?

Answer: Yes. Open your "Preferences" and click on the "Upload Logo" tab in the menu. Follow the directions and guidelines to use your company logo.

Question: Who do I tell about my great idea for a new ezInvoice feature?

Answer: We love hearing about features you want and need. Please send your ideas to "" and we'll review it to see if we can fit it in.

Question: Ok, I love the way ezInvoice is so easy to use but I need some features that I can't live without. Is there any way you can make a custom ezInvoice app for my business?

Answer: Yes we can! In fact, ezInvoice was designed from the ground up to be easy to create custom versions for small businesses at a very low cost. Call or email us and let us know what you want and need for your business.


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